CEP is committed to improving the environment and minimising any negative impact we may have upon it.

We work at all times to ISO14001 standards and in compliance with all relevant environmental legal obligations. Our approach to environmental protection is one that strives for continuous improvement.

We ensure that any hazardous materials located in the sites we work on is safely contained, any materials that can be recycled are recycled, all waste materials are disposed of in a safe, controlled and responsible manner and that we leave sites restored to the highest appropriate environmental standards.

We are committed to energy efficiency and to reducing our carbon footprint. We select, configure and use our vehicles to ensure the maximum efficiency.

We are committed to sustainable ‘green’ procurement policy. We are implementing a procurement path register identifying what we buy, why we buy it, and its environmental impact in terms of its production and use.

It is a ‘win win’ approach, actively seeking to minimise any negative impact we may have on the environment, while making our services environmentally efficient and attractive to ethically driven customers.